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Monday Links

Sefko writes a little bit about Croshere accepting his role on the team - whatever it is.

Johnson was asked before Saturday's game against Memphis if he'd talked to the 6-10 forward about falling out of the playing rotation. Too early, Johnson said. In the NBA, it takes more than three or four games of inaction to declare a player as the odd man out, particularly with a team as good and as deep as the Mavericks
"My biggest thing is, it's frustrating not playing," Croshere said. "But you really compound that when you get that opportunity and you're pouting, you're down on yourself or you're upset at the coaching staff. And you're not ready to play. I know I'm going to get another opportunity. Just be ready for it."

David Moore's short Charlotte preview.


And if you read just one of these articles make it this one by Art Garcia. It's about Josh Howard's background and there are quotes from family members and former coaches - good stuff. I won't quote very much because you should read the whole thing anyway. Here is Howard's grandma on Bruce Bowen.
When Bruce Bowen stepped on Howard in the season opener, Howard got up and shoved San Antonio's designated defensive pest.

"[Bowen] did that on purpose," Helen said. "He has a bad habit of doing things like that. Joshua turned around and bopped him. Oh, yes, we agree with that."