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Tuesday Links

The Mavs will have to play a lot better than they did yesterday to beat the Wizards tonight. Not only is Washington significantly better than the Bobcats, they had the day off yesterday and Gilbert Arenas is coming off a 45 point game. If Devin Harris and Greg Buckner, who will probably have the job of guarding Agent Zero, look as tired as Anthony Johnson did last night the Mavs are in trouble. But if they win, it will be their 7th in a row and their fourth in five nights. They'll officially be back (they're back already, but I don't think it's official yet) with a win tonight.

Onto the links...

Eddie Sefko has a little on Devin Harris. He points out Avery Johnson's baseball analogy that Ortegal commented on last night.

"He's batting about .260," Johnson said. "If we're using baseball-type language, he's that [Alfonso] Soriano kind of guy that can do a little bit of everything. His speed, you can't teach it. Quickness on defense, you can't teach it. And his court vision is improving. So he's a player who has the potential to bat in the .300s."

But you have to put up with a few errors along the way, and Johnson said he's learning not to scream at Harris every time he has a miscue.

From the notes section of Art Garcia's article on Devin Harris.
North Carolina natives Josh Howard of Winston-Salem and Jerry Stackhouse of Kinston did their best to fill up Charlotte Bobcats Arena. Howard bought 70 tickets and Stackhouse shelled out for another 42.
The attendance last night was only 13,000 so 1% of the crowd were guests of Howard and Stack.


And Dwain Price has a good article on the underrated Arenas.