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Power Rankings - 5th

They're still not up to par, not even after five straight Ws, but Nowitzki looks all right. He's got seven double-doubles already, two more than Dirk had all of last November.
SLAM Online - 3rd
Hey now. Seven wins in a row. Everything that was wrong, is now right. And Josh Howard will be back soon enough.
Yahoo! Sports - 10th
The Mavs are like George Jefferson: They're "movin' on up" after a 3-0 week. Not bad, especially considering that Josh Howard is still out with an ankle injury.
DIME Magazine - 5th
With six wins in a row, the slump is officially history. Dirk has almost been lost amongst all the other guys around the League having huge seasons--he's averaging around 26 points and 10 boards per game. 4th
My, what a difference two weeks makes. That, and six straight double-doubles from Dirk.