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Game Eleven vs Washington Player Ratings

I've had these done and just forgot to post them. Sorry.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 10 8.1 30/14/5 - Yeah, that's an OK game
Jason Terry 8 7 Good offensive night - but actually stood out on defense with 2 steals, a block, and 4 deflected passes by my count.
DeSagana Diop 9 5.6 His offense was even more painful than normal this game, but the 13 rebounds and 4 blocks in 25 minutes was nice. His help defense in the second half was the biggest reason this game turned into a blowout.
Anthony Johnson 6 5.8 I have no idea how he scored 40 points in a game last postseason, but his defense on Arenas was commendable
Jerry Stackhouse 5 6.7 Seven points on 14 shots - ouch.
Greg Buckner 7 6.1 Committed a couple of dumb fouls but made all his open shots
Devin Harris 9 7.2 Fantastic night. Spent most of his time defending Arenas and check out his shot chart Either a layup or a made jumper
Erick Dampier 4 6.8 Words can barely express how bad he was, I think the 4 games in 5 nights got to him. In a game that Dallas won by 27 he had a +/- of -7. That's hard to do as a starter.
Austin Croshere 7 6.3 His 14 and 6 were nice, but he doesn't really need to be have 11 FGA on this team
Maurice Ager 5 5.1 Fired up a dumb three as his only offensive contribution
Pops Mensah-Bonsu 5 5 Glad he saw the court before going to Fort Worth
Jose Barea 5 5.3 An assist, a block, and rebound in 3 minutes - not bad

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