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Sunday Stuff

Dwain Price's and Eddie Sefko's game recap focuses on the quick start and Josh Howard.

Long before Dirk Nowitzki even attempted a shot, the Mavericks had a lock on Saturday's game against the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets.

Josh Howard tallied 11 points to help the Mavs open the game with a 21-3 scoring spree en route to claiming a ho-hum 85-73 triumph over the Hornets.
"Everybody was tired mentally and physically, so it was key for us to get off to a good start," Jerry Stackhouse said. "That's why it was great having Josh [Howard] back because he came out and hit a couple 3-pointers and set the tone at the beginning. We had that one big quarter and then really didn't put anything together after that."

But the quarter was enough. The Mavericks scored 35 in the first period, then only 35 in the second and third combined.

Gil LeBreton writes about the Mavs using the 0-4 start as a motivator.


Devean George should be back for Monday nights game against Minnesota.