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More Mark Cuban Fun

First off, theres his reaction to the NBA telling his players not to stand up while they're on the bench.

"You know me, protect the fans in the expensive seats, and that's who's sitting right behind the bench," Cuban said. "I'm really happy that the NBA has taken it upon themselves to protect our customers."

Cuban also said he didn't notice that his players were standing and cheering for their teammates during the game.

"I'm so focused on keeping my hands in my lap and keeping my head down and only glancing at the replays every now and then," Cuban said. "Support and emotion are overrated."
And then there is this - Mark Cuban's latest blog entry. Continuing the sarcasm, he praises what he calls the "Duncan Chop".
So in the interest of helping future NBA players out there, and in maybe helping other teams possibly figure out TD just a little bit, I decided to post a video of the new move that Tim added last year, and has improved on this year. I call it the Duncan Chop. Its perfectly legal, which makes it postiively brilliant.. Its something every post player should add to their game.

Simply put, as Duncan turns over his left shoulder towards the basket, he "chops" away the defenders arm. It sometimes throws the defender off balance a little. It sometimes misdirects the defenders attention. Its subtle enough to give TD an edge. All in all its a great, great move. We all should learn from it. Here is a video of TD tearing us up with it last year.
Then to top it off, he has a YouTube video showing Duncan use the move over and over again. Why is that significant? Because just last week the NBA decided it wanted all of their content off of YouTube. I'm sure it was just a coincidence that Cuban decided to share his video through that medium...


So what does all of this get Cuban? A Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the year nomination of course.