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John Hollinger Makes Me Laugh and Cry

Hollinger has a really good article about the struggling 5-8 Heat at (insider)

He comes to the conclusion that the "fifteen strong" crap isn't working out too well. Only two Miami Heat players, Haslem and Wade, have a PER over the league average of 15. (the Mavs have five) The Heat have just one good offensive player and Pat Riley knows it. He's apparently accepted that and is just going to try and make games as ugly as possible. And where does Hollinger think that will get them?

Basically, Miami looks to me like Minnesota East, with one great player surrounded by vast fields of mediocrity. I know a lot of readers don't think it's possible for a defending champion to miss the playoffs, especially one with a superstar such as Wade.

But apparently, it is. Because based on what they've shown to date, there's very little chance the Heat will be playing past April 18.
As someone who can't stand the Heat, that would make me so happy. But more than anything it would make me think about what could should have been.