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Game 13 vs the Hornets Player Ratings

Ugliest blowout possible.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 9 8.3 One rebound shy of the double-double but 28 points on 10/13 shooting is fantastic
Jason Terry 6 7 Found a way to contribute on a night when his shot wasn't falling
Josh Howard 7 7.2 Was great in the first which ended up being the only quarter that mattered
DeSagana Diop 7 5.8 Great night defensively
Anthony Johnson 5 5.8 His individual game was as ugly the overall game
Jerry Stackhouse 6 6.6 Not very good but very aggressive
Greg Buckner 5 6 Invisible
Devin Harris 7 7.2 His offense is inconsistent so far this season but his defense and speed never go away
Erick Dampier 6 6.8 Might have been better on offense than on the glass or defense
Austin Croshere 4 5.9 Didn't do a single thing in almost 20 minutes
Maurice Ager 6 5.2 Was all over the place but not necessarily effective
Jose Barea 5 5.3 Looks like he's 4 feet tall