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Game Fourteen Player Ratings

That late comeback by Minnesota didn't surprise me at all. The Mavs were pretty bad tonight and the only reason they won was because for most of the game the T-Wolves were even worse.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 6 8.1 I didn't see that coming. Kind of played like he just woke up. For what it's worth I saw him coughing on the bench a couple of times
Jason Terry 6 6.9 Missed three 3's in the 4th quarter
Josh Howard 7 7.2 Nice all around game but settled for a couple of jumpers late in the game
DeSagana Diop 7 5.9 It's not always pretty but he definitely produces.
Anthony Johnson 6 5.8 Has a way of never being good or awful
Jerry Stackhouse 7 6.6 Was the best offensive threat tonight
Greg Buckner 6 6 From what I saw on the last Minnesota possession of the game he should have been on Foye for most of the 4th quarter
Devin Harris 6 7.1 Efficient
Erick Dampier 7 6.8 I was going to give him a 6 until that block at the end. He must have dropped about 7 passes tonight that went as turnovers to someone else.
Austin Croshere 5 5.8 Apparently he played 10 minutes but I don't remember any of them

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