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David Thorpe ESPN chat

Thorpe answered a few Maverick related questions in his chat today. Nothing too insightful, just passing it along.

Shawn (Dallas): IF Damp can maintain a 10/10, is there anyone who can stop a healthy Mavs team?

David Thorpe: oooh-that's asking a lot. But I do think the Mavs have responded beautifully and will contend for a title.
Me: David Stern. ZING!
Bryan (Dallas TX): In your opinion, how important is Josh Howard for the Mavs to make another run at a title?

David Thorpe: Really important. He's a terrific role player-capable of big scoring games, tough d, and lots of intangibles.
Me: Well he's the second best player on the team so I'd say pretty important.
alex (NC): it's funny how dirk nowitzki gets few headlines but he's probably the best player in the world. why is this the case?

David Thorpe: He gets plenty of headlines. And he just may be the MVP this year.
Me: Dirk does get plenty of headlines, but he'll never be LeBron, Wade, or Kobe because he doesn't make highlight reels. Being German either helps or hurts him - or has no impact.
james(dallas): David, its Bargnani vs Nowitzki tonight for the first time . Any predictions ?

David Thorpe: I like Bargnani, but he's no Dirk and never will be. Dirk is the 2nd best offensive player on the planet.
Me: Yep