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Saturday News

Devean George is still out with that stomach illness and won't appear in tonight's game in Houston.


Devin Harris is the first Mav to partially blame the new ball for a bad performance.

Devin Harris got to the basket several times against the Spurs, but was unable to finish. Part of the reason, he said, was the new synthetic ball, which seems to "grab" the backboard more than the old leather version. "I've got to find the touch," said Harris, who went 1-for-6 from the floor. "There's a certain spin that you need to get. I'll get it down. I had some easy chippies, and I missed them."

The Mavs aren't expecting Josh Howard's flagrant one to be upgraded to a flagrant two. I had thought that it might which would have led to a one game suspension.


Sefko and Avery reminds us it was just one game.
But one game is not the barometer for any team.

"We had too many things to go over to focus on one thing," he [Avery] said. "I'd say we had 10 things we had to focus on. But we had 10 things after the [season-opening] Phoenix game last year. We just won that game. That's a part of where we are at this time of the season."

Darius Washington was selected in the first round of the NBDL draft.


And there are about a billion Mark Cuban articles today, all cover his hilariously sarcastic remarks about the new rules for owners. I still contend that YAYsports! covered it best.