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Bill Simmons Has Changed His Mind

In his Page 2 Preview

Dallas: Can't shake the notion that they blew their chance last June. I mean, they had it. It was right there. Up by 13, six minutes to go, headed for a sweep. That was their moment. I can't see them being any better or closer to winning. In fact, I see them further away. And why?

San Antonio: Because Dallas would have lost to the Spurs if Ginobili didn't stupidly foul Dirk on that three-point play in Game 7. And that wasn't a great Spurs team -- poor Duncan was hobbling around on one foot. Now he's healthy, he's in great shape, and he's ticked off. And that's all I need to know.
But here's what he had to say during a radio appearance for This took place during his celebrity fantasy draft before his Page 2 column.
"I think Dallas should have won last year. I don't see why they shouldn't win it again this year."

"They're up by like 12 in game three with five minutes left - they win that game they sweep Miami. I don't know how they go from that to being totally discounted."

"The thing with San Antonio is, I thought it seemed like they were kind of tired of each other this year. They reminded me a little bit of the Yankees actually. They've been together too long, and they're like an old married couple. And as soon as it came time to roll up their sleeves they just couldn't do it. And they didn't really make any changes."
Something happened during that short time frame that made him do complete a reversal.

Also during that interview he makes a hilarious Eddie Griffin joke.
"You do not want to be riding in the Eddie Griffin bandwagon -- literally."