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Sunday Bloody Sunday

The Mavs sucked last night, but I do need to give some credit to Houston. They looked really good. Yao is really really good. And trading for Shane Battier was a great move. But I need to see them stay healthy before I worry about them as serious contenders for the division title.

Despite what was reported yesterday, Josh Howard's Flagrant one was indeed upgraded to a two, and he was fined $5,000. Hard to argue.


I hope Cuban keeps up this act for entire season because the quotes he's giving are hilarious.

For the Mavericks' first road game of the season, Cuban purchased the two seats adjacent to the bench. The cost: $1,500 apiece.

"I'm going to buy them for every road game," Cuban said. "That's being a good NBA owner, right?"

It's certainly supporting the league by buying the priciest tickets in the house. Cuban said he's also going through some withdrawal with his new commitment to not badger referees.

"I'm like a fat kid wanting chocolate sometimes," he said. "I get the urge and it's natural sometimes to do the travel call. But I'll be taking classes, and those cravings and urges will all go away."

Dwain Price recapped the game.
"I just know we need to go out and there and run our system," said Howard, who was 7-of-13 from the field. "I don't know about hunger.

"I think everybody wants to get back to the position we were in last year, and that's enough motivation right there."

That motivation is what Avery Johnson hopes his team gains before it hosts Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors on Monday.

"We just didn't have it," Johnson said. "We just didn't look like a team that was hungry for a win tonight."

After being eaten alive by the Rockets, the Mavs are starving for a win.

"We're in the red right now," Stackhouse said. "And that's not a familiar place for us, and that's not where we like to be."
That pretty much sums up the season so far. Hopefully the Mavs have now realized they just can't wait until the playoffs. So far they haven't looked like they thought these games were important.


And Mercedes Mayer has an article about the non-game related entertainment at the AAC.