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Three is Enough

Sam Rubenstein at SLAM online:

It's too early to worry about them being 0-3. Oh by the way, Josh Howard sprained his ankle and is having an MRI today and the Mavs next two games are a back to back at the Clippers and at Phoenix. Okay, panic.
He's right. It's just 0-3. There are still 79 games to play, no big deal.

But 0-5? That's a big deal, and it's a frighteningly realistic possibility. At the Clippers then at Phoenix the next night, both games presumably without Josh Howard. As of right now, we're looking at a situation where a 1 and 4 start to the season would be a success.

It's amazing that this has happened so quickly, but after watching these three games and with memories of the finals still in my head, I'm now expecting the Mavs to lose games. I don't remember feeling that way a single time last season. And the worst part is that it looks like the players are expecting to lose as well. Hopefully that first win, whenever it comes, will make them realize they can win again and things will go back to normal. The sooner the better.

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