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Wednesday Morning Links

As I'm sure you know, Dallas will try to avoid their worst start in franchise history tonight against the Clippers. And as I know you know, they'll be without Josh Howard. That's why Eddie Sefko thinks it might be time to panic.

The Mavericks hit the road tonight looking for a victory, and they will do so with a finger twitching on top of the panic button.

Why not? The laid-back approach has gotten them nothing other than three losses to start the season. There's no better time to get alarmed than when hitting the road without one of your best players and with a lot of focus on things other than playing winning basketball.

At the bottom of a short piece on Josh Howard, Sefko reminds us how much it sucks to be a player in the NBA.
The Warriors were ready to leave, but mechanical woes forced them back on the bus and left them scrambling to find rooms at a posh inn. They landed at the Mansion on Turtle Creek.

And Art Garcia has good article on the Mavs struggles.
What seems painfully clear is the Mavs can't show up, flash their Western Conference championship credentials and expect other teams to roll over.

"Mentally, we felt when the balls rolled out, it was going to click for us," Jerry Stackhouse said. "It hasn't happened."