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Good Night, and Good Luck Sleeping

Officially the worst start in franchise history. Neat.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 7 7.5 Really struggled to score against the double team but passed well and fought for rebounds
Jason Terry 6 5.8 Increased his aggressiveness and shot better - but still shot 7 threes and seemed to miss when it mattered down the stretch
DeSagana Diop 5 5.5 3 fouls 3 turnovers and 3 blocks in 11 minutes - score would probably be lower if he'd played more
Anthony Johnson 6 6 Defined average on both ends
Jerry Stackhouse 5 6 Shot 5/12 and RAISED his season FG%
Greg Buckner 4 5.5 Wasn't good at all on defense and that's why he's here
Devin Harris 6 6.8 Good defense - passed well but couldn't score - 6 points isn't enough
Erick Dampier 5 6 Horrible defending the pick and roll between Cassell and Brand - average on the glass and on offense
Austin Croshere 5 6 Just 5 minutes and didn't do anything worth noting in that time
Maurice Ager 5 5.5 Attacked the basket for his one FG attempt in two minutes
Devean George 5 5 Uneventful Mavs debut

Box Score | AP Story