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Jason Terry Last Night

Before last nights game I made the decision I was going to keep track of how Terry was trying to score. He'd been the most disappointing player so far this season. His scoring was down and it seemed like he was never attacking. Here is how he chose to shoot last night.

First Quarter
  • Makes 15 foot jump shot - going to his right
  • Makes quick 12 footer on the fast break
  • Passed on a three and got fouled - made both free throws
  • Makes 3 in transition
  • Makes open mid-range jumper
  • Makes three (forgot to write down situation)
  • Misses long three at end of quarter
Second Quarter
  • Missed three - had plenty of room to go baseline
  • Missed layup
Third Quarter
  • Makes Nick Van Exel-ish running floater
  • Makes Layup
  • Passed on a three then missed from about 20 feet. Would have been better off taking the three.
  • Misses from 6 feet
  • Misses three - was open but also could have penetrated
Fourth Quarter
  • Makes 15 footer
  • Misses open three
  • Fouled going to the rim - makes one free throw
  • Missed wide open three in transition
  • Misses layup
  • Makes 8 foot floater
Great first quarter, and not surprisingly that was great quarter for the team. After that, not so much.

Terry had 23 points on 9-18 shooting. He shot seven threes (making just two), but one was a heave at the end of a quarter. Of the other four 3PA's that he missed I only thought one of them was forced. He was just missing.

Of his 20 scoring tries, 12 of them were jumpers and eight were going toward the basket. That's evident by the fact that he only shot four free throws.

Overall, it seems pretty clear that he did need to attack the rim more last night, but if he had shot better it wouldn't have mattered. Still, last night was his best game this season and a step in the right direction.