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Scoop Jackson is an Unoriginal Thief

I don't normally read Scoop Jackson's articles, and in fact I haven't read all of the one I'm writing about - it's pretty long and pretty boring.

In it he takes the persona of the new NBA ball and refers to himself as the "Orange Roundie". If you ever visit the hilarious YAYsports! site you've heard the "orange roundie" phrase before. 'The Cavalier' first used the phrase back on May 17th. Orange Roundie soon became a staple and even had his own video preview for the Southwest Division.

You get the idea. YAYsports owns 'Orange Roundie'. Not only did Scoop borrow the phrase without crediting it's source, but he stole the whole shtick as well and made entire column out of it.

Thumbs down Scoop Jackson.