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Friday Links

Tough game vs Sacramento tonight. In fact 10% of you think we'll lose and the streak will be over. The Mavs will need Dirk a lot more tonight than they did against Toronto and both Eddie Sefko and Dwain Price report that the Mavs will have his services - at least to start the game.

Everybody knows I don't really like to sit out," he said. "It's nothing major, so hopefully I'll be back in action Friday. If it comes back, I'll have to sit down."

Nowitzki spent Thursday riding the stationary bike while the rest of the Mavericks practiced.

"He's improved," Johnson said. "We'll see how he feels when he comes to shootaround."
I thought this was a really interesting note in Price's article.
Nowitzki wears a contact lens in his left eye but suffered a bruised retina in his right eye during Monday's game against Minnesota.
Is it normal to only wear a contact in one eye?


Avery Johnson and I felt the same way about Anthony Johnson's game vs the Raptors.
Anthony Johnson had what Avery Johnson said was his "best game of the season" Wednesday night against Toronto. Johnson was part of a strong core off the bench with eight assists, six points and three rebounds. "The starters can't carry us every night," Anthony Johnson said.

J.J Barea should be available tonight if there is a blowout. He didn't suit up for the Toronto game after biting through his tongue in practice and getting 16 stitches.


Sefko's short game preview


Eddie Sefko isn't sure if another team will have a 10 game winning streak all season.
It can be argued that putting together long winning streaks in the East would be easier, and that's probably true. But how many teams in the Eastern Conference are capable of going on prolonged runs?

The list is short, perhaps including only Detroit and Miami and maybe Chicago - if the Bulls get their act together.

In the West, which has an overwhelming advantage already this season in head-to-head meetings against Eastern teams, you don't go long without running into Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, Utah, Houston, New Orleans or one of the Los Angeles teams. Those are a lot of land mines to sidestep.
He actually makes a pretty god case, but someone will get hot and duplicate the feat.

Does it count if the Mavs do it twice?


Art Gacia has a list of five reasons for the Mavs turnaround.