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Sunday Afternoon Links

Garcia's game recap has quote from Avery on the way they used Jason Terry last night.

Jason Terry had his shot working early, scoring 14 in the first quarter, matching or bettering his output in seven of the eight previous games. Johnson had been searching for ways to get Terry back in rhythm.

"I went back and looked at a bunch of games on what we had done here in the past with him," Johnson said. "We tried to get him back in that comfort zone, and it worked."

What he found was Terry needed to handle the ball more. As a result, backup point guard Anthony Johnson didn't play for the first time this season.
If Avery is intent on getting the ball in JET's hands more we'll definitely be seeing a drop in Anthony Johnson's minutes and possibly the minutes of Devin Harris' as well. Something to keep an eye on the next few games.


Sefko on Howard's game.
Howard heaved a career-high 24 shots, but made them count for 30 points, tying a career best. He also had 11 rebounds, his second double-double in as many games.

Anthony, who hauled a 31.7-point average into the game, had just six at halftime and finished with a quiet 18 on eight-of-26 shooting. Howard spent much of the night defending Anthony.

"It's good if those guys have a little rivalry going on," coach Avery Johnson said. "I love it."

Both Jerry Stackhouse (groin) and Austin Croshere (hamstring) are expected to be able to play against Utah on Monday.


Mark Cuban says you can forget about A.I in Dallas.
"No we're not trading for Iverson."

"We can knock that rumor down right now."

"You never say never, but we'd have to trade half of our team [to get Iverson], and we're not going to do that."
That last quote is the most important one. Regardless if you wanted to see Iverson in Dallas or not, the two teams just aren't a match in terms of needs, wants, and what's on the roster.


You may not have noticed but Houston is actually ahead of Dallas in the standings right now. I wasn't willing to consider the Rockets a major contender until I saw them stay healthy and last night their first injury struck.
He had felt that pain too often before to wonder. So he stood in the spot he landed, bending over slowly, the back spasms that had stolen so much of last season from him seizing him again.

"Spasms. Back spasms," McGrady said. "I lost my footing a little bit, and it shot spasms through my back immediately."
"I think it's a little different," McGrady said. "The pain level is definitely different. Before, it was to the point I really couldn't tolerate the pain. I feel pretty good walking around right now. I just can't extend my body all the way up because of the spasms in my back. But I'm going to get on the treatment tonight, tomorrow and Monday and see how I feel."
It's apparently not as bad last year this time. But if you watch the play he got injured he jumps straight in the air and lands on two feet. It was a totally normal play but he had to get help walking off the court. His back is messed up.


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