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Monday Roundup

The Allen Iverson talk has already died, but he's been replaced by Jason Terry as the hot topic in the local papers after his slump breaking game in which Anthony Johnson didn't come off the bench. It's yet to be seen if this will become a trend, but it sounds like Terry's good game coming when he spent more time at point guard was more than coincidence.

"Jet needs the ball," Avery Johnson said. "Sometimes, you can't really get in a groove without the ball. We kind of know what works for him and what doesn't work. But my job is to try certain things, and I liked what I saw."
"That's something Avery discussed with me a little bit, just trying to put the ball in my hands a little more," Terry said. "Avery's a great manager of the game, and he's great with making adjustments. He knows when something's not quite the way he wants it. And if it's not, he's not scared to make an adjustment."
Anthony Johnson has played 19 minutes per game so far this season. If Avery Johnson is intent on getting Terry more involved offensively and feels playing him more at points is the only way to do so, then that number will be a lot lower by the end of the season.

Anthony Johnson was disappointed about his DNP.
"It was a definitely a surprise," Johnson said, "but at the same time, Coach plays the guys he feels like is going to help the team win, and I guess I wasn't in that mix."

"I feel like I bring things to the table that help win ballgames," Johnson said. "I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't part of the mix, but it's a long season.

"It's not the first time that I received a DNP, and it definitely won't be the last time. I just have to buckle up and be ready for Monday."

Speaking of Monday, that's today and Dallas is in Utah to take on the 15-5 Jazz. Stackhouse and Croshere are still listed as questionable. It's a big game for Utah because Jerry Sloan has 999 wins.
Sloan is universally respected. But that doesn't mean the Mavericks want to be victim No. 1,000.

"I'm sure they're going to come out and play hard," Erick Dampier said of the Jazz. "I'm sure they want to win for their coach. He'll get it. Hopefully, just not [today]."

Last night the Phoenix Suns became the second NBA team to win ten games in a row.


Art Garcia lists three things the Mavs still need to work on. They include, tightening the defense, getting Terry going, and solidifying the bench rotation.


And in Garcia's other article he as has a 20 game progress report that's worth checking out.