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Well, that sucked

"I got some good looks [tonight], it seemed no body [on Dallas] wanted to play aggressive, so I just kind of took it on myself, take the shot when it's there, get to the foul line but it just wasn't enough."
- Dirk Nowitzki
Someone help me figure this team out.

The Mavs 12 game winning streak in sandwiched by a record of 2-7. Of those seven losses, five of them have been blowouts.

Ten days ago they looked unstoppable as they dismantled the Kings. Dallas led from start to finish and had 26 assists on 37 field goals. Tonight they never led and had eight assists.

Just one game ago Jason Terry was fantastic as he took over Anthony Johnson's spot as the secondary point guard. Tonight Avery tried it again but Terry struggled in the first half. When Anthony Johnson came in during the third quarter he significantly outplayed Terry, finishing with more points in a third of the minutes.

It's a funny game.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 8 8.1 Six point second half was a major disappointment
Jason Terry 5 6.7 Flopped in what could have been a personal statement game
Josh Howard 6 7.5 Biggest hole in his game is consistency
DeSagana Diop 6 6 Outplayed Damp in minutes and effort
Anthony Johnson 8 6.1 Came in and provided a spark - it just didn't ignite anything
Greg Buckner 5 5.8 Finally got some minutes but didn't have much to show for it
Devin Harris 6 6.9 Ran and attacked all night but the results just weren't there
Erick Dampier 5 6.7 Made little impact and had no answer for Boozer
DJ Mbenga 5 4.7 I'm not seeing progress
Devean George 5 6 Did he really play 30 minutes?
Jose Barea 5 5.2 Nothing to say
Moe Ager 7 5.5 Watching him recklessly attack the rim was enjoyable - perhaps should have played even sooner

Box Score | AP Story