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Chad Ford on Iverson in Dallas

Aaron (Dallas, TX): Why do you think Cuban is against an AI Trade? I know we'd have to give up Devin Harris, Crosh and Stack, but AI and Dirk on the same side, I can't imagine Dallas losing another game. It would be Scary. So why would Cuban not pull the trigger, this would be a no brainer to me!

Chad Ford: Chemistry and finances. I actually like AI on the team too ... especially if they could find a way to make it Crosh, Stack and Jason Terry instead of Harris. But Avery's really thrived there and so far, no one but Larry Brown has had any luck controlling AI ... and even Brown really struggled. Does Cuban really want to put Avery in that position. The financial ramifications would also be huge because the Mavs are luxury tax payers. With that said, if AI were to behave ... they'd be even better than they already are.
Thought I'd pass that along for those interested.

And in case you were wondering, a trade of JET, Stack, and Croshere for AI wouldn't be allowed under the CBA. Philly would need to add salary for the trade to be allowed.