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Iverson Watch: Croshere and the Nuggets

From all reports, Denver has become the front runner in Iverson sweepstakes. One thing that might be holding it up is that Denver is look for a third team to get involved and it sounds like they need an expiring contract. From the Denver Post:

From all indications, Philadelphia is more concerned with financial freedom than the raw ability of the players it receives in return for Iverson and his $17.1 million salary.
Now for those thinking the Mavs could just send over Stack and Austin keep in mind that Denver has two first round draft picks (one from Minnesota) that they are willing to include in a deal. What they don't have is expiring contracts, and that's where Dallas comes in.
To satisfy the 76ers' desire for as many expiring contracts as possible, league sources said Denver has held trade talks with Dallas regarding forward Austin Croshere ($7.3 million salary) and Portland for Jamaal Magloire ($8.4 million), both role players in the final year of what would be considered bad contracts except in this situation.
My first wo thoughts were A) What could they possibly get for Croshere? and B)What do Denver and Philly have that Dallas could possible be interested in.

The answer to both is close to nothing. Whatever Dallas would be able to get for Croshere wouldn't be important and I doubt Donn Nelson is looking to do the Nuggets any favors in their quest to land A.I.