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80 Million Reasons Iverson Won't play for Dallas.

Marc Stein touched on Dallas in his weekend dime as possible Iverson destination. The main reason Iverson won't play for Dallas is money. That's not exactly news breaking; it's common knowledge that A.I is owed 40 million over the next two seasons (not to mention the rest of this season's salary). But Stein has some quotes from Cuban that made this link worthy.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, a long-time Allen Iverson admirer, has identified one scenario where Dallas would be chasing Iverson.

"If they bought him out and waived him," Cuban said, knowing full well that's not an option Philly is about to consider.

"I've always liked the way he plays. The money just doesn't work."
But Dallas will continue to be a luxury-tax team for the next two seasons after this one if they absorb Iverson's contract. The dollar-for-dollar tax would thus make him an $80 million gamble for the Mavs, compared to the mere $40 million left on Iverson's contract in 2007-08 and '08-09.