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Monday Morning Links

Mavs at Kings tonight. Dallas dismantled Sacramento in their first meeting, but that was at home.

Sekfo's article today is about Josh Howard's struggles on the road this season.

"I play the same way no matter what," Howard said. "Sometimes, you don't get the same opportunities."

The opportunities clearly have been more plentiful at home games for Howard. He is averaging 20 points in 10 games at American Airlines Center. On the road, he was averaging 13 points before Saturday's bust-out against the Hornets.
I definitely think his home/road splits will even out at the season progresses.

Sefko also has an article about Stackhouse embracing his sixth man role.


Art Garcia has an article about Jason Terry's business ventures outside of basketball.

Art Garcia will be doing a mailbag. You can email him questions at


Injury Update: Anthony Johnson, who predicted he would be back for tonight's game, will be in uniform tonight, but is officially listed as questionable.


Around the League: Apparently the streaking Suns have inquired about Allen Iverson -- which seems kind of weird.

Gilbert Arenas scored 60 last night.

I noted yesterday that there was no mention of the Knicks/Nuggets fight on (there actually was one link, but it was to a NYT article on the RSS news feed). According to Phil Jackson that fight was not shown on NBATV either.
Lakers coach Phil Jackson punted when asked about his thoughts on the Saturday night brawl that broke out between the Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks. "I have not seen it," Jackson said. "NBATV, they have never shown it. What is this, a fluff piece that they've got going on there?"
I find that hard to believe. Anyone know if it's true or not?