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Tuesday Links

Somewhat quietly the Mavs have another streak going.

Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard and Jason Terry combined for 79 points Monday as the Mavs dismantled the Sacramento Kings 109-91 at Arco Arena. The victory gave the Mavs a 4-0 record since the Dec. 11 shellacking at the hands of the Jazz.

"I was very disappointed with that game, but we've had to move on," Johnson said. "That's put a point of emphasis and a frame of reference as we've moved forward.

"We've had a couple of games like that this year that really, really left a bad taste in our mouths."
A lot of that has had to do with the teams fast starts.
"They play fourth-quarter basketball in the first five minutes of the game," Musselman said. "And there's not a lot of teams in the league that do that. There's no feeling-out process, like a boxing match where teams are trying to get a read or feel for the other team. They come out swinging from the get-go and try to knock you out."

Sefko's got an article about the suspensions with some quotes from Mavs players, including Anthony Johnson who was suspended 5 games as Pacer after the infamous Artest/Fan brawl.

Dwain Price has a similar article.


Maurice Ager is officially a member of the Fort Worth Flyers. Not a real big surprise, but Avery wants shot selection to be his primary focus.
"We've given him strict instructions on what we want him to do," Avery Johnson said. "He needs lots of playing time."

"We want him to be aggressive, but we want him to take good shots," Johnson said. "We have a thing called good shots [and] bad shots. And he's taken a lot of bad shots."
Avery wants Ager to play at least five games there, presumably before replacing him with Barea.


Injury Update: Anthony Johnson warmed up with the team prior to yesterday's game but was a late scratch from the roster. He should play Wednesday.


Around the League: Miami is out on Iverson.

The Knicks beat Utah last night. No seriously.