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And the Trade Rumors End - Probably

Iverson appears headed to Denver.  The deal as reported by Marc Stein:

The trade, pending league approval, some two weeks after Iverson demanded a trade in Philly, would send Andre Miller, Joe Smith and two 2007 first-round picks to the Sixers for Iverson and perhaps another minimum-salaried player or two. It was expected to be completed later Tuesday barring any snags.
Awful trade for Philly but we all saw that coming.

The most interesting thing about this that Denver got the deal done without including a big expiring contract like expected.  There had been some talk that Denver wanted or maybe even needed to acquire Austin Croshere's contract to get this to work.  The most recent baseless rumor had Earl Boykins and Najera coming to Dallas.  But in the end the Nuggets got to keep those important pieces of their team and still get AI.  

I would try and come up with a Dallas comparison for this trade but there really isn't one.  The two first round draft picks are the key to this deal and that's something Dallas just doesn't have.

Should be fun to see how it works having the NBA leaders in field goal attempts on the same team.