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Saturday Links

"Everybody is becoming more and more comfortable with the system. Everybody knows where they're suppose to be on the floor on both ends of the floor. Defensively we're going back to the way we won games last year and that's holding teams to a low field goal percentage. Offensively it's moving the ball around and having a lot of guys scoring."

- Dirk Nowitzki
That was an old fashioned shellacking last night. Dallas lead from beginning to end and now haven't trailed in a game since the third quarter against the Spurs - 206 minutes ago.

As a team, Dallas shot 49% from the field, 53% from beyond the arc, and 89% from the stripe. The outrebounded the Kings by 11. And they notched an assist on 26 of their 37 made shots. The only blemish on the night was the 20 turnovers, but ten of them came in the garbage time that was the fourth quarter.

I know this team will lose again some time, but when you watch them play like they did last night it's hard to imagine how.

Onto the links...

Eddie Sefko breaks down the four game home stand in which the Mavs never trailed.
The first-quarter numbers have been astounding during the streak and particularly so in the four-game homestand. The Mavericks have averaged 36 points in the first quarter of the four games and their average lead after 12 minutes was a shade under 16 points.

Art Garcia's game recap reminds us of the big picture.
The Mavs can match the franchise record of 14 in a row by sweeping a two-game East Coast trip beginning Monday at Washington.

Setting records, however, is hardly the focus for the Southwest Division leaders.

"We've got to keep it going," said Josh Howard, the game's leading scorer with 24 points. "We have a long road ahead of us trying to get to that championship."

Sefko and Dwain Price both touch on the NBA players association filing unfair labor charges against the NBA about the new ball and the "Rasheed Wallace" rule. I think we all know nothing will come of this so I won't expand.

In the notes section of Price's article he's got a quote from Devean George who says he's still not 100% and his conditioning isn't where it needs to be. not that surprising since he's missed half of the games this season and some of preseason as well.


Mark Cuban was on PTI yesterday. You can watch his appearance on the ESPN motion thing at the right of this page. The focus of the conversation is on David Stern and it's actually pretty interesting.