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Game Sixteen Player Ratings

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 7 8 Didn't let a rough shooting night effect rest of his game - yet another double/double
Jason Terry 7 6.9 Shot nothing but threes - made half of them
Josh Howard 10 7.6 By far the best player on both ends of the floor
DeSagana Diop 8 6 He's good for a bunch rebounds and some blocks regardless of minutes
Anthony Johnson 8 6 Despite not being a scoring threat the offense doesn't halt when he's in
Jerry Stackhouse 7 6.8 Pretty average
Greg Buckner 6 6 Doesn't do anything bad when he plays - kind of surprised by his reduced minutes lately
Devin Harris 7 7.1 Efficient
Erick Dampier 8 7 Another good game - it's not just luck anymore
Austin Croshere 6 5.8 Uneventful evening
Moe Ager 5 5.3 Overly aggressive
Devean George 7 6 Made his open shots and played great defense