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About the Darrick Martin Three in the Toronto Game

I've been wanting to comment on this because I thought it was all pretty funny.

Here's the background for those of you who either didn't watch the game or read about it in that last few days. Coming into the Dallas game on Wednesday, Toronto had the longest active streak in the NBA of consecutive games with a three point basket. They had made a three in their last 628 games.

Who had the second longest streak in NBA? Dallas of course - with a 624 game run.

As the game between the two was about to end Toronto had yet to make a three and it looked as though the streak was coming to end. As time wound down, Toronto backup Darrick Martin started to dribble the clock out. But with one second left and the defense no longer paying attention Martin heaved a three, and of course it went in. The streak survived and the Mavs now 625 game streak remained second best.

That shot was one of the most exciting things to happen in a game that had pretty much been over since the six minute mark of the first quarter when Dallas was already up 17. But Anthony Johnson was pretty unimpressed by the last second shot and made a fairly snide remark when asked about it.

"It was a surprise he'd do that [take the shot]. But whatever goals they have, they don't coincide with our goals. If that's what keeps them going, that's fine."

Of course Johnson wasn't here last season when Dallas kept their streak alive in a similarly ridiculous fashion. In the Mavs final regular season game last year, Dallas drew up a play for DeSagana Diop to take a three in the final minutes. He made it - and their streak stayed alive. The players got a good laugh, the fans went nuts, and Bob Ortegal almost had a heart attack. Good times.

I don't at all fault Martin for throwing up the three at the end of the game. It was a meaningless three that kept a meaningless streak alive, but it's fun to talk about it. Around the two minute mark of this postgame interview Martin answers a question about that shot and admits he knew about the streak and planned on shooting at the last second all along. Pretty funny in my opinion.

Toronto's streak is now at 630 after making just one three against Boston on Friday night. Dallas is still just four behind after making 11 3's against the Kings.