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Mavs vs Sonics Player Ratings

Game 26 vs Seattle
Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 6 8 Should almost be lower just for scaring the hell out me
Jason Terry 7 6.9 Not a great night but OK - better in the second half
Josh Howard 7 7.6 Even his bad games aren't that bad anymore
DeSagana Diop 5 5.9 Second straight game with serious foul trouble
Anthony Johnson 5 6 Didn't do much in a short 2nd quarter stint
Jerry Stackhouse 6 6.4 Showed some good things but there was more bad - like coming up short on most of his shots
Greg Buckner 6 5.9 Played well in the 4th quarter
Devin Harris 7 7 Led the team in +/- AGAIN and had a lot to do with Dampier's 22
Erick Dampier 10 6.9 Don't come close to winning without him
Austin Croshere 5 5.6 Couldn't even get on the floor with Dirk out
Devean George 8 6.2 Really good game at both ends - played a big part in great second half