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Marc Stein On The Mavs

Stein fielded a couple of Mavs question in his ESPN chat today.

Daniel FTW, TX: Any chance Dallas will try to shore up their bench before the trade deadline with Anthony Johnson and Croshere struggling? Barring significant injuries, what do you see down the line when it comes to who comes out of the Western Conference?

Marc Stein: Mavs know they need another shooter to loosen things up for Dirk. They're looking. That said, they know San Antonio so well -- and vice versa -- that I can't see those teams avoiding another seven-game marathon if they hook up in the playoffs.
Danny Ainge (Boston): Mavs need a shooter? They're desperate? I can have Wally there in no time.

Marc Stein: I love the idea. I think Wally would be a great boost to the Mavs. But the Mavs aren't interested in taking back such a big contract and Wally still has two expensive years left on his deal after this one.
I actually like the idea of a healthy Wally in a Dallas unifrom as well. Of course, Szczerbiak isn't healthy and there's a good chance he never will be. Then when you consider he's owed 12 million next season and 13 million the year after that the idea really starts to lose its luster.