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A Few More Random Links

  • The Artest for Maggette rumor keeps gaining steam.
    The Clippers hope to complete a trade before Friday's game against Sacramento at Staples Center, or in time for a six-game, 10-day Eastern trip that begins Monday. Although General Manager Elgin Baylor is close with Maggette, Baylor wants to make a deal with Sacramento, sources said. Baylor is resigned to trading Maggette because of the situation, and Artest is considered a better player than Maggette.
    This trade really does make sense for both teams.  And while if you're the Clippers you have to have some concern that Artest might start causing trobule in a year there is some reason for optimism.  Artest has a player option for '08 at 7.5 million so next season is a bit of contract year for him.  That might keep him in line for more than one season.  Might.

  • In something straight from minor league baseball, it's camo night in Memphis.

  • Chris Paul sprained his ankle last night and is going to miss a couple of games.  That leaves the depleted Hornets roster with just one player averaging more than 10 points per game - Desmond Mason.  I saw Michael Kim mention this on ESPNnews.
    Side note:  How has Kim not been "promoted" to SportsCenter?