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Western Conference Forwards

This is most of the forwards on the All-Star ballot and a few others.

Western Conference Forward PER's
Player PER
Dirk Nowitzki 27.14
Tim Duncan 26.47
Kevin Garnett 26.39
Zach Randolph 26.04
Carmelo Anthony 25.62
Carlos Boozer 24.08
Josh Howard 23.02
Rashard Lewis 22.45
Elton Brand 22.26
Shawn Marion 21.86
Corey Maggette 18.09
Ron Artest 17.62
Lamar Odom 17.28
Hakim Warrick 17.19
Mike Miller 15.84
Andrie Kirilenko 15.01
Ricky Davis 14.21
Boris Diaw 14.07
Shareef Abdur Rahim 13.98
Shane Battier 12.11

Josh Howard's PER is only good for 7th in the forward position in the West. But at 23.02 he's 18th overall in the entire NBA.

The six players ahead of Howard right now in PER all in the top ten in the NBA. Saying it's hard to make All-Star team at forward in the West is an understatement.