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Beginning of the Week Links

The Mavs take on the Wizards again tonight - this time in Washington. The Wizards are looking at the game as a great opportunity to get their season on track.

Coach Eddie Jordan sees the game with the streaking Mavericks -- winners of 12 straight and easily the hottest team in the league -- as an opportunity to wash away the lingering bad taste following his team's recent uninspiring performances.
Beating Dallas "could change our season," Butler said. "We get a win here, and it could boost our confidence for the rest of the season."
Washington is 6-2 at home this year.


Dwain Price writes about the improved play of Devin Harris - particularly since joining the starting lineup.
"I think I've got a better sense of running the team," said Harris, who has started all but the first two games of the season. "It's different coming off the bench as opposed to starting.

"I can really set the tone as a starter instead of me trying to find it once I get out there. And that helps me get in the game a little bit earlier."

Sefko has a similar article. He's also got a blurb from Avery Johnson about the mentality of the team during this streak.
"These guys don't get caught up in any early season hype, one way or another," Johnson said. "First week of the season, we were in a situation where in some circles, we weren't going to do this or that. Now, we're supposed to do this or that.

"But they don't believe anything about themselves, only what I tell them."

short game preview by Sefko


And finally, Sefko triples up with another article about the streak.
Is the winning streak starting to play mind games with some of their opponents?

"I think so," Anthony Johnson said Sunday, "just because anytime they face adversity [they may think], 'Well, this team has won 12 in a row.' Sometimes, weak-minded teams might give in to thinking like that."

At the same time, the point guard adds, you'll also have good teams that are trying to step up and stop the streak. That's the difference between the strong and the weak in the NBA.