Wednesday Morning Roundup

Ok, I got tired of waiting for Wes's, so I'm doing my own.  Take that.

Is the new ball actually injuring players?  Dirk thinks so.

"It's weird," said Nowitzki, who played with the finger bandaged. "I saw it one morning and thought maybe I got a paper cut, but it's happened twice now. I don't know what else it could be. You should see Brad Davis' hands."

Brad Davis throws thousands of passes in practice, and apparently pays the price for it.


Did Avery have words after the loss to Washington, like I though?  Sources say no.

"We were really embarrassed," he said. "The plane was quiet, the bus was quiet. Usually some guys are playing games, but there were no games being played. That's a good sign. We don't take losing well."

That's actually a really good sign-  The system has gotten through if the players are self correcting.


The Washington Post has a fascinating article about Madden NFL teaching those who play it some of the ins and outs of football, and the corresponding increase in technical terms that broadcasters are using. I'll admit that I know the weaknesses of a nickel zone and the benefits of screen passes due to the hours I've put into Madden and NCAA.  However, I've got to strongly disagree with this:

While baseball and basketball have always been easy games to understand, the barrier football had to regular fans is they often had no idea what really was going on.

Someone who says that basketball is easy to understand obviously has never taken a look at the Princeton offense.  I took a class in college on the fundamentals of coaching basketball, and will say that it completely changed where I look when I'm watching the game.  The biggest reason that Dallas lost the Wiz game was that Washington very quickly neutralized a pick and roll play that Dallas was running to get Dirk free cutting along the baseline.  Any sport has levels of understanding- but Madden has deepened the general pool of understanding, whereas NBA games don't have enough of a casual player base to push that pool of understanding.


And finally, the Dallas City Council has decided that announcing victory celebrations before victory is a bad thing. Yeesh. Buncha geniuses there, tell you what.

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