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Wednesday Links

Bit of a late post today, but Brodyv filled in for me nicely.

Here's a few more links...

Sam Rubentstein of SLAM magazine was at the Mavs/Nets game last night and has running diary of sorts. It's filled with tons of great stuff.

Everyone spun around to see Dirk Nowitzki stalk into the locker room. He wandered around aimlessly and, surveying the spare visitor's locker room in Jersey, muttered something about "this sh*thole."
On my way out, I bump into Dirk Nowitzki's personal shooting guru Holger Geschwinder, one of my favorite interviews of all time. Holger's following the Mavs around and doing some work with Dirk. I told Holger I didn't think the Mavs needed much work right now, and he smiled and nodded, though I know down deep inside he was probably cursing my miniscule basketball knowledge in German.
That's just two entries out of 35. I give this my highest recomendation.


David Moore and Art Garcia have articles about the Mavs fantastic defense last night. I'll have more on that when I rewatch quarters 2-4 and get my player ratings up.


Thought this was odd.
The Mavericks were scheduled to leave immediately after Tuesday's victory. Instead, they wound up hanging around the arena more than an hour beyond their scheduled departure.

The reason? The club had to wait for its plane to arrive. The people who rented the plane for a trip had taken it to St. Thomas.

In Garcia's other article he points out Josh Howard's home/road splits and has a tiny bit on DeSagana Diops good but quiet season thus far.