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Thursday Links

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In Art Garcia's article today there is a quote from Devin Harris that I think confirms the Mavs problems at the beginning of the season were entirely mental.

In both cases, they remained confident and composed. That wasn't always the case during the (almost forgotten?) 0-4 start.

"We were just looking for that first win," Devin Harris said of the team's psyche in early November. "It's like we were waiting to self-destruct in the fourth quarter."

USA today has an article on Terry being a combo-guard. It's more for a national audience so most of it's not new to us. Except for this quote.
"I feel a lot fresher at the end of the ballgames, not having to carry the bulk of ballhandling responsibilities," he says. "It definitely allows me to be more aggressive, be in the attack mode all the time, which Avery wants me to be in."

short pistons game preview by David Moore


Moore has a far more interesting article on Terry than what was in the USA today. Avery Johnson has officially become concerned about Terry's production. It sounds like Johnson is beginning to think that Terry might not just be in a slump but is instead being negatively effected by the way he is used in the offense.
Harris is improving nightly at the point. Anthony Johnson is coming off the bench with strong minutes. That means Terry picks up fewer and fewer minutes at the position. The coaching staff estimates the ball is in Terry's hands 30 percent less than it was last season.

Then you have Howard's natural offensive development. He has passed Terry as the Mavericks' second-leading scorer and is actively hunting for shots he once ignored.

Terry averaged 20.1 points in the eight games Howard missed with an ankle injury. He's averaged slightly more than 10 points in the games the small forward has been healthy. He's also averaged four fewer shots in those games.
Pretty interesting and something to keep an eye on as the season progresses. In the end though, I don't really care who scores as long as we win.

But the fact the Johnson might be concerned makes me think that he might make a change. And there is really one way to get the ball in Terry's hands more and that's to play Anthony Johnson less.