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Game Nineteen

I'm convinced that Dallas lost because TNT switched to the Phoenix/New Jersey game every time Dallas looked like they might be on the verge of a run.

It was either that or the fact that the Mavs played like a team on the fourth game of a back-to-back-to-back-to-back. No attacking on offense - allowing 40 points in the paint - and lazy pass after lazy pass. When the Mavs lose, they lose ugly.

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 8 8 Good game - should have shot more especially in the 4th
Jason Terry 7 6.7 Shot and defended well but made some atrocious decisions with the ball
Josh Howard 7 7.3 Took some bad shots but played with more energy than most of the team
DeSagana Diop 4 5.9 I don't even remember seeing him play
Anthony Johnson 5 5.9 Blah
Jerry Stackhouse 4 6.7 Could have stayed home
Greg Buckner 6 5.8 Interesting decision to play him down the stretch didn't make an impact one way or another
Devin Harris 5 6.9 One point in 30 minutes is bad
Erick Dampier 6 6.8 Looked lost on defense particularly when Nazr was on the floor
Austin Croshere 4 5.7 Should have put Prince on the ground during that late foul
DJ Mbenga 5 5 Just looked like a body to rest the real guys
Devean George 6 6.1 Good on one end horrible on the other - you can guess which is which

Box Score