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Nets Game Player Ratings

four days later...

Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 8 8 Struggled all night but then got hot in the 4th and put it away
Jason Terry 7 6.7 Shooting percentage was ugly but overall game wasn't bad
Josh Howard 8 7.4 Player of the game - one of his classic all round games
DeSagana Diop 4 5.9 Almost as many fouls as rebounds
Anthony Johnson 6 6 Made little impact on the game one way or another
Jerry Stackhouse 5 6.6 BAD game on both ends
Greg Buckner 5 5.8 Only minute was at the end of the second quarter
Devin Harris 8 7 Played great defense on Carter and took care of the ball on offense
Erick Dampier 6 6.7 Never established his presence on the glass - 9 rebounds was lucky
Austin Croshere 5 5.7 Didn't play enough to do anything
DJ Mbenga 4 4.5 Let Krstic grab a rebound over him on a missed free throw at the end of the half
Devean George 6 6.1 Lot of fouls but also made some good defensive plays and a three