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Carnival of the NBA #34 - Movie Edition

If there is one thing I love as much as the NBA, it's wasting valuable time on IMDB. I bring you Carnival of the NBA #34 - summer movie edition.

Gilbert Arenas, a hardcore gamer himself, would be guaranteed to love this 80's flick about an imaginary "Ultimate Video Game Championship".  The Wizards didn't make it to a  championship last season, but Gilbert's Arena sums up what the Wizards have done this offseason to help in their quest.
Anyone who has seen this John Waters film won't soon forget the infamous line "I never wanted to use macram? to kill!" As Need4Sheed points out, they don't want to use Macram? to kill in Spain either. They want to use macram? to make basketball nets.
Imagine the world of NBA marketing is the Truman Show. Now imagine William Wesley is Ed Harris. As always, True Hoop keeps us up to date on what "Worldwide Wes" might be arranging next.
Rachel, of Give Me the Rock, has a sexually fueled fantasy preview for the Dallas Mavericks.
The Cheap Seats section of says Boston should go "youth movement all the way".
Troll 2, voted the worst movie ever by IMDB users. So bad it was hilarious. That's exactly why 'Bench Renaldo' will be laughing if the Knicks get Darius Miles.
The shooting for YAYSports! movie "Who Shot Mamba?" has begun. Coming to computer screens near you - Fall 2006.
We all have bad habits. Whatever you do, don't ask Eddie Griffin about his. Just ask Skeets.
Sactown Royalty puts on his lobbyist hat and says vote "YES!" for measures Q & R. He even made a cool looking T-Shirt
These bloggers have found a better way to be heard than taking a radio DJ hostage - PODCASTS!. interviews Joe Newman and Marcus Davenport. And The Basketball Jones returned after a long hiatus.
I don't remember Michael Jordan missing a single shot during Space Jam. If you want to see what Jordan missing looks like, head over to Basketbawful and see him miss open shots in a training video.
You absolutely must watch this video of Kevin Garnett appearing on Asian television. Comedic dancing ensues - just like in the movie.

I used to want to know what happened to Tim Hardaway, and then Hoops Addict filled me in. Now I just want to know what happened to Val Kilmer.
RaptorBlog thinks Sam Mitchell's fate as Toronto head coach has been determined - and it's not good. So if you're Sam Mitchell, why not start having a little fun?
Is Andrew Bynum 'the one'? He better be, or Laurence Fishburne The Lakers might be in big trouble.
Return of the King and the Al Harrington situation have a lot in common. They're both overrated and went on far too long. The only difference is that the eventual sign-and-trade will only have one ending - Impending Firestorm looks at the possibilities.
Golden State of Mind has a growing obsession with Chinese star Yi Jian Lian. As always with GSoM, there are tons of photos - maybe that's how they got 100,000 visits in 5 months.
You may not like him, but he just might have a good idea. Stephon Marbury is launching a new line of shoes that will cost just $14.95.
The Nugg Doctor takes a look at the Denver roster after the Ruben Patterson/Joe Smith trade and realizes that the Nuggets only have three real guards on the team.
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