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Massive Link Dump

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Here's a bunch of links from the last week.

The Mavericks are planning on holding their training camp at the UNT campus in Denton. Camps had previously been held at the AAC, but I believe Avery wants a site with multiple courts.


David Moore talks to Avery Johnson after his return home from an African vacation. They discuss both the trip and the Mavs offseason moves.

On the acquisition of Anthony Johnson:

"We think that's going to make Devin [Harris] better, and Devin won't have as much pressure on him to play 42 minutes."
Safe to say that Avery isn't onboard with the idea of Devin Harris being a 10th man.


Dirk German national team stuff:

Dirk led Germany past Yao Ming and China with 27 points and 12 rebounds on the 11th.

Dirk scored 18 points and had 16 rebounds vs. Brazil in an August 12th exhibition.

Today vs. Greece Dirk managed just nine points in 25 minutes as Germany was destroyed 47-84.


Randy Galloway likes the Mavs added depth - at least on paper.
On paper, it's a better team than the one that was in gloom walking off the floor after Game 6. Except when that was mentioned to Nelson, he balked a bit.

"What appears on paper doesn't mean much in this business," he said. "That chemistry has to be there, and in adding players to what was already a good team, you've got to have guys who will sacrifice, like maybe their minutes, to reach a goal.

"We made a lot of changes, but in each case, I feel we have added good character guys who understand the situation here."


The NBA has fixed the playoff seeding, but Steve Kerr warns us that we shouldn't be expecting the NBA to change the NBA finals to a 2-2-1-1-1 format.
The 2-3-2 schedule makes much more sense logistically for the league, especially with the number of NBA personnel and media who have to be accommodated. The foreign press comes from all over the globe, and hotel and flight arrangements are much easier - and cheaper - under the current format. But I agree with you, the 2-2-1-1-1 schedule is more fair to the teams involved.
Sacrificing the product of the NBA Finals for the ease of the media gets a big thumbs down from me. Even the NHL get this one right.


Ndudi Ebi, Pat Carroll, Darius Washington, and Jose Barea will join the Mavs at training camp in October.

Carroll had a nice summer league playing for Houston. Carroll was invited to Houston's camp as well, but he chose Dallas because they have an open roster spot.

Darius Washington played for Dallas and the Mavericks won every game he started. And Jose Barea was inconsistent with Houston and Dallas this summer but flashed huge potential as a pass first point guard.