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November 2nd

[editor's note, by Wes Cox]This was originally posted on August 1st.

The 2006/2007 NBA schedule was released today and the Mavs will be the last team to play their first game.

The Mavericks season will begin on November 2nd at Dallas against the San Antonio Spurs.

That's 93 days away for those who are counting.

Fun Schedule Facts:

  • Longest Home Stand: Four Games (twice)
  • Longest Road Trip: Six Games (March 18th - 27th)
  • 32 games will be on national TV
  • Oddity:  Dallas will play at Memphis on November 17th. They will then play Memphis at Dallas on November 18th.
  • 16 back-to-backs
  • 4 Games in 5 Days: Once (November 17th - 21st)

March will be a very interesting month.  They play a brutal 15 games in 30 days.  That's also the month with the six game road trip.  The good news is that they play some pretty bad teams in March as well.  Only four of the games are against the Western Conference.  They play two games each against Boston and the Knicks and one against Atlanta.


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