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Filed under: Interview with Holger Geschwindner has a short interview up with Geschwinder - Dirk's personal coach/mentor for the last 13 years.

Here are a couple highlights:

FIBA: Do you think Nowitzki is at the high point of his career?

Geschwindner: "I guess everyone can see that he is playing his role, I hope that he can improve his tools. He needs more physical exercise. But I think in two years time he will be on top of his game.
"He improves year after year and we have a pretty good plan to keep him focused. He has two more years to reach the peak of his abilities."

FIBA: How has Dirk Bauermann worked with Nowitzki this summer?

Geschwindner: "The coach made the right decision to keep him going and you can see a few new tools he is already practising. Dirk is the leader in assists, he is working on the playmaking stuff and it looks good to me so far."