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Pops, PPod, Preseason

Chuck Carlton has a little on Mensah-Bonsu, with this nice quote from Donnie Nelson.

"Guys with his athleticism and competitive mind-set don't go undrafted.  He was the most athletic 4 [power forward] I saw this summer outside of Amare Stoudemire."

The interesting part of the article actually has nothing to do with Pops.  According to Carlton, the Mavs are considering buying out the contract of Pavel Podkolzin.  If you read my old site, you're familiar with his lack of progress at the summer league this year.  PPod is the fourth option at center and can no longer be sent down to the D-League because of a rule that makes no sense.  He has no place on the Mavs 15 man roster.

I won't at all be upset about a buyout. I actually declared the Podkolzin project dead a few months ago so I'm ready to cut my losses.  But before they buy him out they should shop him around and try to package him with Keith Van Horn.  Those two guys have some value right? ...  Right?

Update [2006-8-4 17:51:58 by Wes Cox]:Pavel has officially been waived - We hardly knew thee.


The Mavs released their preseason schedule yesterday.  They end the preseason against the team they'll begin the regular season with, San Antonio.  That game will air on ESPN - no word yet if any of the other seven preseason games will be televised locally.