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Kevin Blackistone Chat

DMN's Kevin Blackistone held a chat this afternoon and there were actually quite a few Mavericks questions.  Unfortunately, a few of the questions were just silly.  In addition to the obligatory Kevin Garnett question, someone else wrote in to complain that Pops Mensah-Bonsu is going to ruin the development of Devin Harris.

The only interesting question was in regards to the Mavericks depth and how it will be used.  On paper, the Mavs could easily have an 11 man rotation this year.  Don't expect that to happen.  Avery will probably use a bunch of lineups during the preseason and the first weeks of the regular season.  At that point he'll have to start deciding who has played themselves out.  Blackistone seems to think that Devean George will be one of the first to start seeing his minutes diminish.

Simbaa started a diary on this subject on Wednesday.