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Gerry Fraley Not Making Sense - - Again

Original Photo: (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Gerry Fraley seems to contradict himself in his latest "Just Venting" article.
Master of con: Don Nelson has swindled another NBA owner, getting a three-year deal worth at least $15 million to coach Golden State.

It is an ideal situation for Nelson: no center and no expectations. As he showed with the Mavericks, Nelson can build up a bad team, but he wants nothing to do with a good team.

Those teams are expected to win, and that means the coach must work at it. Nelson is an excellent game coach but has no interest in the other demands of the job. The built-in excuse of no center guarantees a smooth ride to the bank.
Fraley admits that Don Nelson can build up a bad team. Golden State is a bad team.

If Fraley thinks that Don Nelson can't coach a team once it's good there is still no reason to doubt Golden State's decision. Nelson signed just a three year deal and will be 69 when the contract expires. It is extremely unlikely that Nelson will return for the 09/10 season. That's the perfect amount of time to rebuild and hand it off. Using Fraley's own opinions this seems like a perfect hire for Golden State.

Rumors are circulating that Gerry Fraley has accepted a buyout from the Dallas Morning News and will be leaving - that doesn't upset me. But the news that Kevin Blackistone has accepted a similar buyout is somewhat disappointing.