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Hope everyone had a fun New Years Eve. I did, and that's why I'm not getting the links up until 5:00...

Avery Johnson has finally spoken out about his respect for Devin's defense.

Avery Johnson recently gave Devin Harris a list of the top point guards in the Western Conference... literally.

It's there taped inside Harris' locker. The names Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Baron Davis and those of their ilk are on the small sheet of paper next to the built-in TV.

The list is meant to be motivational, with a caveat. The Mavericks coach believes his point guard, who had 16 points in Sunday's 89-85 victory against the Denver Nuggets, is the best of the bunch in the category closest to his heart.

"I don't know many point guards in the Western Conference -- you'll have to give me one -- as good as he is defensively right now," Johnson said.
It had become pretty obvious that Avery felt he was possibly the best defender on the team when he started assigning him to taller scorers like Kobe and Vince Carter. It's also the biggest reason you can't look at Devin's 10.5 points and 4.2 assists and think he's not making a huge contribution to this team.


Last nights game was the last with the new ball, or old ball, or whatever it is now.


Avery Johnson won his 100th game last night, fastest to that total in NBA history, and while I haven't watched the game yet it sounds like the win had a lot to do with Josh Howard.
Josh Howard had what Johnson called his best game as a Maverick, and not just because he piled up 28 points and 17 rebounds. Howard added five assists and three blocks and took four charges.

"That was the first thing Coach said when he came in, that he's seen a lot of things, but this was one of the best moments," Howard said.

Down in the D-League: Maurice Ager has been recalled from Fort Worth after playing in exactly five games as planned. Ager averaged 14.2 points, 3.6 rebounds, 3.2 turnovers, and two assists per game in his time with the club.

Jose Barea will be joining Pops Mensah-Bonsu soon.