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Jazz Game Player Ratings

Game 36
Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 10 8.2 38 points with true FG% of 76% and seven rebounds. He even guarded Boozer in the fourth. Next time just dribble the ball out at the end, OK?
Jason Terry 8 7.1 Finally got hot in the 4th quarter
Josh Howard 8 7.9 I was pulling my hair out as he missed those late tip-ins
DeSagana Diop 6 5.9 Didn't do much
Jerry Stackhouse 7 6.4 Shot looked good and I though the ejection was unfortunate
Greg Buckner 5 6 The only play I even remember him being a part of was bad (foul before the inbounds pass)
Devin Harris 8 7.3 Great effort. Made a couple of amazing defensive plays (forcing Kirilenko out near the end of the third)
Erick Dampier 7 6.9 He couldn't defend Boozer at all but that late block was fantastic
Devean George 6 6.5 Not a good offensive game at all

The average ratings don't include the Nuggets, Spurs, or Lakers game because I've been lazy lately. Hope to throw them up later this week.